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Luke IsaacLuke "Isaac" Gladu (born November 23, 1973) is a Songwriter, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist. His musical endeavours started off at age of 12 when an old string-less Fender acoustic was finally strung up by a finger pickin' uncle.and Luke found an unexpected but desperately needed outlet and focus in that first guitar.

Having set his sights on music, Luke had an almost unquenchable need to learn and was always enhancing his skills on whatever instrument was at hand. He discovered the joy of performing live while playing drums in his first band at a local teen dance. Whatever position needed to be filled Luke would never hesitate to move around on different instruments in either a performance or recording.

After cutting his teeth in several basement bands as a teenager, Luke would enter into a band called Mouth as lead guitarist. This group was his first vehicle into the live club scene and the first real opportunity to showcase his proficient songwriting skills. The band quickly became one of a popular draw in Thunder Bay, Ontario and went on to win several band contests. In the winter of '93, Mouth debuted their self-titled CD to a sold-out crowd at Crock's n' Rolls and received airplay locally and on college radio stations across Canada.

The keyboards began to appeal to Luke after spending his time between college courses in the amphitheatre teaching himself on a grand piano for hours. His next project was a funk rock outfit called the Apollo Groove Shuttle and would see him playing keyboards exclusively. The whole group applied and was accepted to a Jazz program on Vancouver Island.

Luke majored in guitar and minored in piano at the Malaspina College in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada where he was discovered to have perfect pitch and a rare cognitive ability known as synaesthesia which is the neurological mixing of the senses allowing the amazing ability to hear colours and see sounds. It was here that an understanding and appreciation was cultivated for a more complex and abstract approach to his music.

In 2003 Luke opened the doors to Tumbler Media in Thunder Bay, ON, a multi-track, digital recording studio. He produced several Indie groups such as Star74 and Sue Is Fine. Luke provided custom music for the local television station DougallMEDIA as well as jingles and voice overs for radio and web. He began composing music for film and t.v. and began to work with the professor of the Confederation College Film Program, Lee Chambers to provide the scores for his films "Catatonic" and "Lost & Profound"

Luke is well known for having a strong command over many instruments but he is also a one man musical architect able to compose, perform, engineer and deliver a well-crafted and sophisticated piece of music. Although he has a wealth of experience performing many roles in several groups over the years, the full scope of his abilities is most evident in his solo compositions. His songwriting has been gaining the attention of notable players in the music industry and some of his cuts have been placing in the #1 positions on Broadjam as well as winning the "Songwriters Universe Song of the Month" contest.

In 2010 Luke signed on as a Staff Writer with Beach Street Music in New York, a company thatLuke Isaac on the controls provides custom music for major television networks in North America.

Luke's desire is to share the music he creates. Constantly writing and recording at every opportunity, his vision is now turning towards delivering his compositions to a greater audience.

Writing out of Vancouver, British Columbia Luke plans to write, record and release singles for country, pop and rock music, for both his personal performance and as material for other artists.