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October 20, 2010

Howdy folks!

It's been a while, gotta get used to updating the site. Let's see, a few things to report:

My song "Let Her Dance" has been picked up by SueCo Publishing! It's being pitched to Keith Urban, Chris Young, Ronnie Dunn, George Strait and a few others! So our fingers have been crossed in hopes that they are all fighting to cut it!

We enjoyed our stay on the island this summer while attending the VIMBC www.vimbc.com. The value of connections made and lessons learned there are immeasurable! I strongly encourage any musician/songwriter to take in this conference. Save yourself from the pitfalls and hard knocks and learn from people that have been there!

We moved from downtown to a house in Burnaby, so the home studio is now rockin' full on! We're calling it MySpace.calm. I will be doing tonnes of writing and recording throughout the coming winter months, so once I poke my head out I plan to compile a collection of songs to release. I will post songs on the site here and there in the meantime, so check in and give your two bits.

Take Care and keep your stick on the ice!



June 23, 2010

Greetings and welcome to lukeisaac.net! I'm glad you've decided to have a look around and I hope you enjoy experiencing the site and the music I bring to it! This site was designed so that I may share my music and the directions it takes me.

This weekend I am in Comox attending the Vancouver Island Music Business Conference www.vimbc.com There's going to be a lot of great panelists from all corners of the music industry sharing their insight. Should be eye opening and a great place to rub elbows. There's also going to be a lot of great performances including one from Chilliwack, yeah!

A lot of exciting things have been developing lately and I hope to keep all who is interested (YOU) up to date with the latest "news" on lukeisaac.net (ME) so check in, say hi and Stay Tuned........